New Plumbing Installation Ideas for the New Year

Ring in the New Year with a Plumbing Upgrade

What is a better way to get the year started right than with a plumbing upgrade? Installing a new plumbing fixture is an investment that can improve the home's value for years to come. It can also improve the comfort and safety of the household. In this blog post, we explore a few different ideas for upgrading the home plumbing in 2023. 

The bathroom and kitchen are safe havens away from the rest of the house. Adding a new faucet, showerhead, or bathtub can have a transformative effect on the space. New plumbing fixtures are designed to be more efficient than ever, with less water and energy wasted. The new plumbing technology can enhance the quality of life by saving homeowners time and improving the house's cleanliness. 

New Kitchen Faucets

kitchenUpgrading the kitchen faucet is a great way to start the year with a simple home improvement. New kitchen faucets are easy to install and provide better water pressure while using less water. Modern faucets can achieve better cleaning power with less water by aerating water flow with pressurized air bubbles. Trends for plumbing fixtures this year include eco-friendliness and smart technology. 

Touchless faucets are the hottest kitchen upgrade for the new year. They use motion sensor technology to turn on and off, so that dirty hands never have to touch the handles. This helps prevent the spread of germs and keeps the fixture cleaner. A new kitchen faucet is a functional improvement that can also transform the look of the space. There are so many different styles of modern kitchen sink faucets for homeowners to choose from. 

Upgrade Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures 

bathroomThe bathroom faucets and plumbing fixtures are other areas where renovations can add value to the home. The shower and bathtub are important places to consider for New Year's home improvement projects. Adding a new showerhead can transform the showering experience. Homeowners can choose from modern luxury showerheads such as rain, LED, and Bluetooth-enabled. 

Installing a new bathtub, toilet, or sink this year means homeowners have many options in terms of style and function. Modern features for plumbing fixtures this year include motion sensor technology, water-saving technology, and self-cleaning plumbing fixtures. Transform the bathroom into a relaxing spa this year by installing new luxury plumbing fixtures. 

Invest In Professional Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling can seem daunting for homeowners. People putting off getting started on a home improvement project because they are worried that the plumbing will be too complicated should contact their trusty local plumber. Most plumbing renovation companies can offer a free consultation on the work and provide a time frame for how long it will take. 

DIY plumbing installation is a bad idea because it could create a safety hazard. When the amateur installation goes wrong, it may take the plumber even more time to fix the additional damage. To make sure the job gets done the right way the first time, hire a trustworthy and experienced plumber. It is a good idea to always check for proper licensing and insurance before hiring a remodeler. 

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Let's Learn to Heat the Home Efficiently This Winter!

A Heat Pump Makes Heating the Home Easier

People usually think about a central heating system when they think of heating a home. This is probably the most common heating system in the modern home. However, this isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to heat a home in 2022. In some circumstances, it can be, but there are so many other options now that central heating isn’t always efficient. Some other options include a mini-split heat pump, an air-source heat pump, a water-source heat pump, and a geothermal heat pump. Some of these heating options might feel foreign to homeowners, so professionals have gathered all the information homeowners need to make an informed decision about their homes’ heating. Luckily, professionals are always there to answer any questions homeowners might have. 

Continue reading to get all the fundamental information about energy-efficient heating. 

Heat Pumps: Here’s How They Work heat pump

It’s important to note that heat pumps do not create heat. They redistribute the heat found in the ground and air and repurpose it to heat a home. Essentially, there is an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit has a fan coil and refrigerant that circulates between the fan coil and the outdoor compressor unit. 

During the summer, the heat pump takes all the heat from the indoor air and transports it outside via the outdoor unit. Heat pumps have fan coils, compressors, and refrigerant, just like most other heating and cooling systems on the market, but they are supposed to be more energy-efficient. 

There are different types of heat pumps on the market: 

  • Duct heat pumps; air-to-air, water source, and geothermal (water or ground-source) heat pumps
  • Ductless air-source heat pumps
  • Absorption heat pumps

Some Benefits of Ductless Heat 

Homeowners should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps (just like anything else). 


  • Eligible for RHI scheme
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower running costs
  • A safer option to heating
  • Reduces carbon emissions

The disadvantages are: 

  • More expensive upfront 
  • Requires significant work upon installation
  • Time-consuming installation 
  • Not entirely carbon neutral 
  • Planning permissions are required

Energy Savings = More Money in the Bank Account!

saveThe main benefits that homeowners need to know are that heat pumps are easy to maintain and are one of the more energy-efficient options. What does this mean? This means that homeowners end up saving money on energy costs every year! 

All the homeowner has to worry about is keeping up with regular maintenance -- just like any other heating/cooling source! 

Whether homeowners choose duct heat pumps or ductless, their wallets will reap the benefits of switching to heat pump heating and cooling. 

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How You Can Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Take These Winterizing Tips from the Professionals 

Frozen pipes are plumbing emergencies. That’s because frozen pipes can turn into burst pipes. A homeowner could deal with water damage, possible mold growth, and other issues in a few minutes. It’s better to prevent frozen pipes than to deal with their aftermath

Below, homeowners can learn everything they need to know about preventing frozen pipes. They can also learn a thing or two about the dangers of frozen pipes and the importance of preventing them in the first place. 

Why Are Frozen Pipes So Dangerous? frozen

As noted, frozen pipes turn into burst pipes. A burst pipe can cause: 

  • Water damage. A burst pipe can release gallons and gallons of water in minutes. The saturation can cause damage to drywall, insulation, flooring, and even the home’s structure. 
  • Mold growth. Even after a homeowner patches the pipe and removes the water, mold can still grow. Mold thrives in dark, damp areas. Over time, mold growth could cause homeowners to suffer respiratory ailments, such as coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath. 
  • Damage to personal property. A burst pipe can destroy furniture, personal effects, and other items. The cost of repairing certain items may even outweigh the cost of replacing them. 

While not “dangerous,” a burst pipe can threaten a homeowner’s wallet. The cost of repairs, replacing certain items, and taking other measures quickly adds up. Nobody wants to deal with financial stress, especially around the holidays. Preventing burst pipes is a great way to combat any unexpected stressors. 

The Importance of Pipe Insulation insulation

Pipe insulation prevents frozen or burst pipes. The insulation is usually made from foam, plastic, or other hard materials. It prevents the water inside the pipes from getting too cold to freeze. It also offers these benefits: 

  • Insulation keeps water hotter for longer. Insulation transfers heat to the pipes, transferring heat to the water inside. One could find themselves enjoying longer, hotter showers after insulating some pipes. 
  • Insulation reduces utility bills. With pipe insulation, one doesn’t have to make their water heater work overtime. They can turn on the faucet and enjoy the warm water. In the long run, this could save money on powering the water heater and other in-home appliances. 

Foam pipe insulation offers many benefits to those worried about frozen pipes this winter. A professional can assess the home’s plumbing needs and take action to combat certain problems. 

Easy Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes 

Homeowners can keep pipes from freezing by: 

  • Opting for pipe covering. Certain pipes, like those located outside the home, are more likely to freeze than those inside the home’s walls. A homeowner can prevent these pipes from freezing by applying foam or plastic. 
  • Using space heaters. Some mudrooms don’t have adequate heating. Some frequently lose heat because of people coming in and out. A space heater can prevent this area’s pipes from freezing by managing its temperature. 
  • Knowing the signs of a frozen pipe. If homeowners take swift action, they can prevent frozen pipes from bursting. Some signs of a frozen pipe include frost on the exterior, poor water pressure, and inconsistent water temperature. 

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Get Chills from a Spooky Movie Not a Broken Heater

Know the Sign of a Malfunctioning Heater This Halloween 

The thermostat says 75––but the home feels like an ice box. Sound familiar? Heat loss is just one of the many signs of a broken heater. There are many symptoms of a broken heater, some of which are more obvious than others. This Halloween, one can get chills from a scary movie instead of chills from a cold front. They just have to watch out for these signs: 

The Home Never Heats Up 

Carmel, Indiana, has amazing autumn weather. It’s brisk during the day, perfect for long walks and kite-flying. At night, however, temperatures can get into the forties. This means the heater has to work to maintain the home’s indoor air quality.

Yet, if the home isn’t heating up, the problem may not lie with the heater. It could rest with: 

  • Poor power source. Sometimes, power surges can interrupt how the heater operates. If the home experiences a power surge and the heater stops working, one should try resetting the appliance. 
  • The thermostat. If the thermostat needs batteries (or isn’t giving the right reading), it could prevent the heater from working properly. Qualified professionals note that homeowners should change their thermostats’ batteries at least once a year. They generally take AA or AAA batteries. 

A service maintenance professional can evaluate one’s heater and determine why it’s not working properly. 

Unusual Sounds Come from the Heater 

soundsIt’s not unusual for the heater to make a noise when it clicks on. However, if one hears any of these sounds, they should consult a professional: 
  • Shrieking. Many heaters rely on belts to work; worn belts can cause unpleasant shrieking sounds. 
  • Banging. No, that’s not a ghost trapped in the wall; it’s likely a problem with the heater’s ignition. The banging comes from small explosions inside the appliance, requiring professional attention. 
  • Whistling. EnergyStar notes that HVAC systems require new air filters once every three months. Whistling from the heater could mean air isn’t passing through the filter efficiently. 
  • Rattling. Something could be loose inside the heater, like a bolt or nut. 

These sounds will not go away with time. They require a professional to find the problem’s source and address it. 

Higher-Than-Usual Energy Bills 

saveEveryone should know how much their energy bills are each month. When they notice an increase and the heater isn’t working properly, this could mean: 
  • The heater is short-cycling. A functioning heater will heat the home for about 15 minutes, stop for a certain period, then turn back on again. If the heater short-cycles, it constantly turns on and off, wasting energy. 
  • The heater’s working harder than usual. If the heater struggles to maintain the home’s temperature, it could constantly stay on, requiring energy. 
  • The thermostat isn’t communicating with the heater. If the thermostat gives incorrect readings, it could send wrong information to the heater. This could make it work “overtime.”

A homeowner can look for changes in their energy bill by checking their online energy account and transaction history. 

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Pipe Corrosion: Everything Homeowners Need to Know

What Is Corrosion? 

Corrosion is when a material breaks down over time due to its surroundings. It usually refers to when a metal's surface oxidizes––or turns into a substance with at least one oxygen molecule. A corroded pipe will have a brownish-reddish appearance where some of the metal flakes off. This compromises the pipe's integrity and can lead to leaks. 

However, corrosion isn't an inevitable part of a plumbing system's aging. Homeowners can employ various steps to slow down this process or even reverse it. Some considerations include routinely maintaining the plumbing system, using water softener, and installing protective linings. A professional can explain these methods during an inspection. 

Coatings and Protective Linings Can Prevent Corrosion coating

Over time, pipes can weaken internally from hard water or prolonged use. Instead of replacing the pipe, homeowners can install coatings and protective linings. These fall under "trenchless pipeline repairs," which don't require plumbers to dig trenches to fix the problem. They usually dig two small holes and go from there. 

Here are some things to know about getting coatings and protective pipe linings: 

  • These methods are ideal for pipes with minimal damage. If a pipe is already too corroded, a plumber may suggest replacing the section rather than relining it. A severely damaged pipe would break if one attempted to reline it. 
  • Pipelining extends a plumbing system's lifespan. A relined pipe can last up to 50 years because the epoxy slows down the natural corrosion process. It can also make a pipe impervious to rust and root intrusion. 
  • Pipelining is cost-effective. If a homeowner's on a budget, relining or coating a pipe may be cheaper than getting a new pipe altogether. Because it's a trenchless pipe repair, homeowners don't also have to spend money on filling trenches or landscaping a dug-up portion of the yard. 

Use Water Softener water softener

Hoosiers often deal with "hard water" in their showers, sinks, and hoses. Hard water is when water contains calcium, magnesium, and other corrosive materials. This makes tap water taste less than ideal, plus it can affect how efficiently dishwashers work, leading to unsightly spots. 

The chemicals in hard water can cause a pipe to corrode faster than it normally would under ideal conditions. This is why many plumbing professionals suggest using a water softener. These under-the-sink devices remove chemicals from the water and essentially purify it. This prevents a pipe from rusting and corroding, saving both money and frustration. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance Checks 

Here are some benefits of scheduling an annual maintenance visit with a plumber: 

  • They can check for corroded pipes. The sooner a professional finds a corroded pipe, the sooner they can render necessary repairs. This can prevent burst pipes, leaks, and other problems. 
  • They can check the water's chemical composition. A homeowner may live for years with hard water and go, "Well, that's just the way it is." A plumber can run simple tests to check what chemicals are in the water. They may suggest installing a water softener if they find excessive calcium or magnesium. 
  • They can suggest other home improvement measures. A plumbing system's pipes are just one part of the system itself. A plumber can run appropriate testing on the home's water heater, HVAC system, and appliances to check for any problems. 

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